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Drinkster - Buzzed Drinking Game

20 May 2021 Game Of The Day

Drinkster - Buzzed Drinking Game

by drinkster

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  • Drinkster - Buzzed Drinking Game
  • Drinkster - Buzzed Drinking Game
  • Drinkster - Buzzed Drinking Game
  • Drinkster - Buzzed Drinking Game
  • Drinkster - Buzzed Drinking Game
  • Drinkster - Buzzed Drinking Game
  • Drinkster - Buzzed Drinking Game
  • Drinkster - Buzzed Drinking Game

Drinkster - Buzzed Drinking Game 🍻 is here to get you drunk and buzzed. Best for pregame, postgame or during the game parties!

🍻Combination of best drunk games:

Most likely to: The quiz mode consists of most likely to drunk games questions.
Would you rather: The quiz mode consists of would you rather drunk games questions.
Drinking Dares: This drinking game consists of challenging drunk dares.
Mini Games: There are many interesting and fun mini drunk games.
Never Have I Ever: Drinkster - Drinking game has a collection of most embarrassing and weird Never Have I Ever Drinking Games.
Drinking Games Rule Card: With rule cards, each game becomes unique because of the random rules that can pop up and at times the combination of a rule and dare can be deadly!

All tasks are shown in the form of cards, making it one of the best and easiest cards drinking games 🍺.

💻 Online Drinking Games

Drinkster is the first drinking game that has brought online drinking games. Connect with your friends all over the world. Have a fun party games night, online and remotely! Enjoy quarantine drinking games during this lockdown period. Stay home, Stay safe!

🍻 Drinking Games for 2 people or more

Drinkster can be played between as many friends as you want. The more, the merrier! This drunk game can be played between 2 people or more. Chose the number of drinking wheel spins accordingly.

🥂 Couples Drinking Games

Drinkster can also be played by a couple or a party where all attendees are couples, as Couples Drinking Games. It is sure to make everyone's night a memorable one! Enjoy the best drinking games for adults.

🃏 Cards Drinking Games

Drinkster has the best cards drinking games. It has 500+ unique cards, making drinkster the drunk game with most cards and hence the best cards drinking game.

The appropriate mixture of all the drinking games makes Drinkster the ultimate best Drinking game. Drinkster has a combination of Never Have I Ever drinking games, Most Likely to drinking games, Would you rather drinking games, Drinking Dares, Drinking game rule cards, mini drinking games, card drinking games and random sips to convert any ordinary party games night into a buzzed, drunk and memorable one.

Playing this drunk game is better than playing separate games like Kings cup, ring of fire, most likely to, never have i ever etc.

Download Drinkster - Drinking Game today, the best drunk games available, absolutely free. 😎

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