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Drunk Hibachi

17 Apr 2018 Game Of The Day

Drunk Hibachi

by Opposite Lock

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  • Drunk Hibachi
  • Drunk Hibachi
  • Drunk Hibachi
  • Drunk Hibachi
  • Drunk Hibachi

Drunk Hibachi is a Tournament Game that offers REAL gift card prizes! This is the very fist game of it’s kind to offer players a chance to win REAL gift cards.

Introducing chef Harry Kari. Harry is a professional hibachi chef. He is also a raging alcoholic who DRINKS HEAVILY on the job. Harry doesn’t think he has a problem, but his customers would disagree.

As you cook for customers you earn cash. Spend your cash on BEER and get wasted while violently flinging SHARP KNIVES and lighting HUGE FIRES just inches away from your dinner guests. Serve customers to earn TOURNAMENT TICKETS. 

The more tickets you earn, the higher you climb in the rankings. REAL PRIZES are awarded to players based on a RANDOM DRAWING at the end of each tournament. So the higher you are RANKED, the better your odds of having one of your tickets randomly selected. The more tickets you have in the pot, the better your chances of winning!


  • Play to win REAL gift cards
  • Totally FREE TO PLAY & WIN!!
  • REAL gift card codes sent directly to your inbox when you win
  • Kill your annoying, prick, douchebag customers!
  • View replays of the top player’s best games
  • Set high scores for most beers drank, customers served & money made

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