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by Mobiman

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You are the only circle in a world that rains edges, one touch and the game is over. But don't worry, you can try again, and again and again until you reach the top of the Master's worldwide leaderboard. 

edgeless is a casual 2D game where you move left or right, by touching the left or right part of your screen accordingly, in order to dodge the multi-edge shapes falling from above, or from below! 

 Features that will spice things up 
 Collect the white shapes to buy skins!

The menu is your profile, observe a "not so bright" AI trying to help you.
Complete Achievements in order to receive rewards from your not so bright friend.
Unlock harder and harder game modes until you reach Master, and start competing with players world wide.

Shield is there to protect you from a collision.
Use Shrinking Pills fo r your tiny adventures.
Use Nullifiers to erase the shapes from existence.

Thruster: Speed beyond limits, consumes fuel. 
Luck Star: Catch it to provoke a triangle rain. 
Magnet: Attracts all white shapes without you breaking a sweat.

Have fun! 

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