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Escape from luxury ship

Escape from luxury ship

by bestescapegames

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  • Escape from luxury ship
  • Escape from luxury ship

Escape from a Luxury ship is a point and click type game developed by Bestescapegames. A wealthy man in New York bought a Luxury ship. On his first trail of his ship there was huge people arrived on his ship. The ship was sailing for three days on pacific to reach Venice with few lifeboats including his personal jet ski. When they pass through the Mediterranean sea, the ship got hit by a glacier under the sea and the engine started to fail with a giant hole under ship basement. The life boats got broken once it got hit and currently the water rising slowly to ship floors. But a few hours before there went a another cruise on that route. However the Rich man jet ski is in the very back end of the cabin which is still not damaged. The key for that jet ski lost during the damage in his personal cabin and the only way to escape is to find the key.

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