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Escape Games - Adventure of J

14 Feb 2017 Game Of The Day

Escape Games - Adventure of J

by HiddenFunGames

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  • Escape Games - Adventure of J
  • Escape Games - Adventure of J
  • Escape Games - Adventure of J
  • Escape Games - Adventure of J

"Adventures of J" series is a series of point and click type ADVENTUROUS NEW ESCAPE GAME SERIES released by ENA Game Studio. It is all about the adventures of Jack and his pet Jimmy. It reveals how TALENTLY Jack escapes the plots and how BRILLIANTLY make traps for Billa, Ranga and Bonda. This game will be a real MIND BLOWING for all aged escape game lovers. This game is geared up for all the players who like to puzzle out the fiddly riddles using their brain.
Adventures of J series has 12 levels and all these 12 levels are the BEST ESCAPE GAMES that you have missed. All these 12 levels are based in new different locations and comprises of more LOGICAL PUZZLES. Most importantly, the player has to well examine the environment to escape.
This series might be TRICKY sometimes, so be prepared. This Adventures of J comes under the genre of POINT AND CLICK, ADVENTURES, PUZZLES and ESCAPE GAMES. If you are a fan of escape games genre, you are bound to have given it a try and this Adventures of J will be an IDEAL ESCAPE GAME for you.
1. INTRODUCTION – The game starts with the kidnap of Jack's pet Jasmine. In order to get her back, you need to help him to RESCUE and RELEASE Billa, Ranga and Bonda from the backstreet.

2. BANK ROBBERY – To make a revenge on the death of Jasmine, Jack is on the way to find and stop the Bank robbery. As a player, you have to assist Jack here.

3. JEWELLERY SHOP – You need to help Jack to stop the robbery that is going to happen in the jewellery shop.

4. OPTICAL SHOP – As a player, you have to safeguard the X-Ray glass from Billa, Ranga and Bonda.

5. TOILET SIGH – Jack is on a MISSION to prevent the toilet sigh blast. With your BRILLIANCE you have to do it.

6. HELICOPTER HIJACK – You will be helping Jack in preventing the helicopter Hijack, but you will experience a new added TWIST in this level.

7. STATUE ROBBERY – Jack is about to stop the statue robbery and as a escape game lover you need to help regarding this.

8. FINDING TREASURE – Billa, Ranga and Bonda are about to steal the treasure and you need to support Jack in preventing the treasure.

9. GENIE STATUE ROBBERY – You need to back the Jack to cease the robbery of genie statue.

10. FUTURE TV – Jack is about to acquire the future TV before Billa, Ranga and Bonda do it. Using your TALENTS, aid the Jack to get it.

11. TRUCK ROBBERY – It is quite different level from others, where you will be helping Billa, Ranga and Bonda in robbing a truck.

12. CONCLUSION – This level is full of TWISTS AND SUSPENSES which makes you so anxious, where the other escape games can't make you feel like this.
The series of 12 levels of Adventures of J is a challenging new escape game series that will definitely keep you on your toes.

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