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Fidget Counter Button

Fidget Counter Button

by DPoisn LLC

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  • Fidget Counter Button
  • Fidget Counter Button

Fidget Counter Button is exactly what it sounds like.  Press the button as many times as you can, the app keeps count.  Both for the current session and the lifetime of the app.

Fidget devices have become very popular in recent years.  As such a lot of new devices are coming out to keep your hands busy.  We at DPoisn.com feel that is not only a great idea, but one that can be utilized easily by the device that you carry in your hand all day anyway.

This is the very first and earliest version of this app.  We have a lot of ideas going forward.  As more people become more interested many new features will be added.  The first of which will be a worldwide high score table!  So you can compare your progress with other players.  So hold on to the app.  Because once that feature is implemented, you will be able to submit your score!!

This is also the first in a series of these apps that we have ideas to put out.  If interest exists, we will follow through with newer and better versions of these types of apps.

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