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Fidget Spinz.io

18 Jun 2017 Game Of The Day

Fidget Spinz.io

by SmashLab

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Spinz.io is a fidget spinner.io battle game.
Spinz.io is an online battle between fidget spinners. Choose your fidget.io toy and move straight around the arena and collect scattered dots to increase the RPM.

You need to be patient when collecting dots to steadily build your RPM. Collide your spinner with others to make both of the spinners dots scattered, then quickly to grab all of them.

Boost your speed to chase other players easily, but use it wisely as this sacrifices your current RPM. You must pay attention to other spinners that are 4 times faster because they can instantly kill you with one collision. Spinz.io also features Whirlpools! Enter a whirlpool and get shot out at an insane speed. These are useful both for escaping and attacking!

Spinz.io strategy:
Pick your fights strategically, and potentially set up combos by knocking other players into each other.

Spinner.io features:
- No lag. Works on many devices without performance issues.
- Easy and smooth joystick control on mobile devices.
- Many fidget spinner models to choose from.

In spinz.io game keep increasing your speed and dominate the arena with your spinner.

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