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Fishy Square Jumping

Fishy Square Jumping

by Thomas Brad

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  • Fishy Square Jumping

In jumping games genre, Fishy Square Jumping is a featured game where there is an endless journey of square in the four-sided zone world. Play as a fishy as you run around the square and jump over obstacles. Complete the square loop and collect diamonds to pass levels.

In this square world, you have to keep the fishy jumping forward; your skills and strategy will decide how far you can go. Challenge yourself now with Fishy Square Jumping Free. All you gotta do is be a good little fishy. Just run inside the square, jump and collect the diamonds. Time your jumps perfectly as you run around but beware from different hurdles, spikes and don’t get squashed.


Familiar gameplay of jumping games genre simple but attractive game will appeal to you from the very first time you play. Do you believe in your skills? Be careful in Nested Square Zone because the difficulties will appear continuously. Enjoy the hilarious sound effects as well as challenging gameplay as you run around the square zone and jump. Each missions of Fishy Jumping game having amazing level of difficulty that will test your brainpower and strategically mind. Show your strategy to solve challenging game and survive in difficult square conditions.

How to play?

As other jump games, Fishy Square Jumping game play is for all age group who loves the mind games. You will not take so much time to learn the style “tap to play”. All you need to do are:

• Tap and hold the screen to adjust each jump of the square.
• Help the Fishy go forward safely by landing on the right position.
• Don’t let the Fishy fall down to the danger zone otherwise you have to play again
• The more diamonds you get will help you to get more score

Key Features:

• Play as a fishy and beat the square
• Collect the diamonds to collect points
• Nested square to enjoy
• Dodge the spikes and fun with fishy jump

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