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Flaky's Adventure

27 Mar 2018 Game Of The Day

Flaky's Adventure

by Hell Mushrooms Games

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Flaky's Adventure is a story about a small tribe of dragons who call themselves Flaky. They live in the dungeon, but you don't need to walk there with blades - this Dragons' kids are very cute. Their main entertainment is to jump as high as possible and look at the stars. Only one thing can help them to achive it - fire. 

Once, this little Dragons' kids decided to escape the dungeon and to arrange competitions, but they got stuck along the way. The bravest dragon named Tap-Tap has rushed to save his friends.





★ Help the kids escape from the trap

★ Collect your own collection of Dragons' kids

★ Over 35 cool Flaky's friends

★ Play with your coolest reactive team!

★ Colorful HD graphics!

★ Change gamplay by playing for any of the dragons.

★ Super fast acrobatics with using swipes!

★ Challenge with your friends and help them!

★ Try to get all rewards

★ Say NO to annoying ads

★ 20 beautiful award badges

★ Real unique gameplay

★ Super quality support and updates!




This game is suitable for those who like cute monsters and understands them! 

Strong and agile player will really love this game.

Be on the edge of the knife, risk and achieve the goals! 

Take the Dragons' kid and run it as high as possible!

You will play it In a subway, in the queue, with cup of coffe in a park, at school, at work, at home - DO IT, JUST DO IT! Save your friends and take off to the top, in Flaky's Adventure!

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