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Flat Island Survival - Collect, Mine, Craft | Raft Muck

06 Sep 2021 Game Of The Day

Flat Island Survival - Collect, Mine, Craft | Raft Muck

by Mattia La Spina

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  • Flat Island Survival - Collect, Mine, Craft | Raft Muck
  • Flat Island Survival - Collect, Mine, Craft | Raft Muck
  • Flat Island Survival - Collect, Mine, Craft | Raft Muck
  • Flat Island Survival - Collect, Mine, Craft | Raft Muck
  • Flat Island Survival - Collect, Mine, Craft | Raft Muck
  • Flat Island Survival - Collect, Mine, Craft | Raft Muck

Survive in the island, create your life ark | Collect, Mine, Craft your village.


Flat Island Survival - Collect, Mine, Craft & Survive, is a survival game, you appear on an island as if you are a shipwrecked person come from the ocean by a raft, and you have to survive on this auto generated island, you can besides collect, mine and craft, you can build your own house your village, craft your life ark so you can survive with all your comforts, also keep happy otherwise your character may die.


Survive on the island, craft your ark of life, to survive on this randomly generated island, every time you start a new game a different island will be generated, you can also choose the size and the amount of biomes craft by the random creation algorithm.


The auto-generated map has different biomes, you always craft an island to survive, most of the map is forest, so it is almost like surviving in the forest, it is very easy to survive by applying forest survival techniques.


Feel like a shipwrecked sailor just arrived from his raft and immerse yourself in the survival of the island, remember to eat, drink, and craft your tools, with an axe you can cut trees, with the pickaxe you can mine the rocks, and with the materials you get from the forest you can craft your house.


Create your first hut to sleep in it and save the game, whenever you go to sleep you will save the game, if you die or close the game you will start again from the last time you went to sleep.


We know that in the forest there is much to burn and it is very dangerous to make fire, so you have to craft a fire, where you can also cook, always remember to cook the meat of the animals you hunt, if you do not cook the meat you may lose life and not survive. The animals also live in their life arc and survive on their own, so you can find materials and meat on the ground, if you have recently killed one nearby.


The animals available right now are few, but we are always updating the game to add all the animals that fit in Noe's ark, we also want to add more and more objects and biomes, we will be updating the survival game to make it possible.


the ocean water that surrounds the square island is not drinkable so you can't drink it, but you can swim in it, we recommend to build your house near water and food source at the beginning and far from enemies or animals like bears or wolves, you might not survive if you build your house in those areas.


All foods rot, so they have a shelf life, consume them before they reach 0%, the tools also rust and break, it is easy to Craft more do not worry, the hulls also rust and also the gunsmiths suffer with rust and break.


The clothes improve your armor and give you greater resistance against attacks, helmets and armor also, remember that they wear out and rust, so when you see them at low percentage of useful life craft new ones.


If you have never played a survival game before, we recommend this one because it is quite simple, you only have to collect, feed and you can survive easily, if you do not approach hostile animals or enemies, in that case your chances of surviving in the forest island will be very small, but if you surround yourself with a barrier and keep your ark vital. Also make sure that your weapons or armor are not rusty, so you can defend yourself from possible threats.


Always keep some food and water, so that in case you need it you always have it at hand, you can mine and craft some chests to store things and not have a full inventory.


Collect, mine, craft, hunt, survive, in short, this game acts as a survival simulator, although the graphics are of few polygons, you can simulate the survival of the character on an island as if he were a shipwrecked sailor from a raft.You can dig in the muck to find some coins.


The Survival game is always in development to improve and give the best experience to the players, we are open to any suggestion and it is very likely that we will include it in the game.


If you find any muck bug please contact us before giving a negative review, we want to help you.

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