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Floor Bust - Tank Missions

28 Apr 2020 Game Of The Day

Floor Bust - Tank Missions

by Mobiman

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  • Floor Bust - Tank Missions
  • Floor Bust - Tank Missions
  • Floor Bust - Tank Missions

It's a super fun casual game.

Touch n hold anywhere on screen to stop the tank and start loading the missile.

Release it to fire and pop up the floor.

Your mission is to aim, stop the tank in the middle of the floor and blow up the similar sized missile.

There is never a tie, it's a hit or miss game!

On successful hit, missile collides with the floor and collapses it.

You win a trophy worth 100s of floor points after successful bash of 15 floors.

More missions you complete, bigger the trophy reward gets!

You can buy cool new tanks using your earned floor points.

So tell me now, you like to explode things with a tank?

Floor Bust is a perfect casual game for you that lets you pop up floors with missiles.

Just relax and burst as many floors you want with your favorite colorful tanks.

It's that simple and fun to play!

Go knock off some floors with a tank now!

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