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Flying City Guardian Survival

Flying City Guardian Survival

by Trillion Games

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  • Flying City Guardian Survival
  • Flying City Guardian Survival
  • Flying City Guardian Survival

Tired of playing same old survivor game than flying city guardian survival is best action survivor adventure game for all ages where you play as city survivor boy and survive in the city with your mysterious half mammal friend. Start your game with unique and horror environment, find your mysterious friend like a mixture of (mammal & unicorn) and escape him from the city prison. 

Enter in the locked room and break the chain with the help of Axe to save your pet friend while playing this shadowy city guardian surviving simulator. This game is like an open world game where you survive or roaming in the horror city with your pet friend and perform the different task to survive in the grand haunted city

Roaming in the city and find the task location to perform amazing activates to save the civilians of the hometown. Use your special water power to extinguish the fire and save the civilians of the city. Sit on the enigmatic creature and roaming in the fog horror city. Use your wing to fly in the air and move from one point to another.

There is some entertaining task for you like you can also provide a pick n drop facility to the city civilians and send them at their destination point on time. Save the falling person from the building and become a city guardian with the help of your friend. Thrilling missions are ready to entertain the user. You can perform different task like smash cars, save the civilians, rescue the car and many other tasks. 

Key Features:

• Play as city survivor with your mysterious friend 
• Free roaming tasks in grand horror city
• Use a water attack to extinguish the fire
• Interesting Challenging Missions for real legend
• Vast 3D open world foggy city environment

Flying city guardian survival is specially designed for all flying town guardian game lovers and mystery scenario gameplay game fans. You control a boy who befriends a giant half-bird, half-mammal beasts and you find an interesting task in the city in a different area to solve these puzzle to get points to survive in the ghostly city with your giant pet friend.

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