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Flying Confun Hero vs City Villains

Flying Confun Hero vs City Villains

by confun game

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  • Flying Confun Hero vs City Villains
  • Flying Confun Hero vs City Villains
  • Flying Confun Hero vs City Villains
  • Flying Confun Hero vs City Villains

After the great success of super cipher hero now we introduce Flying Confun Hero where you save the innocent peoples in the city from dangerous villains in this Flying Confun Hero vs City Villains. Flying confun hero use its amazing powers like laser attack and different fighting combos against super villains. Our Super Confun Hero joined the team of the superheroes or city savior to fight against the futuristic villains and gangsters. City villains try to destroy the beautiful buildings with the help of evil power or heavy weapons.

Flying Confun Hero vs City Villains is thrilling game for all confun games lovers and action simulator fans. You have to take the responsibility to save grand city from evil robots as well as super villains like dangerous monster villains by playing this fighting game. You are the city savior and defend your peoples from these futuristic villains which are trying to destroy beautiful city with their evil powers. Use your flying powers to roaming in the city and save injured peoples in the city.


Flying Confun Hero vs City Villains is interesting game with thrilling gameplay where our confun hero become city defender and save the civilians form dangerous robotic villains. Choose your favorite confun hero features and their different fire powers. The grand city is in the charge of evil robots and super villains, people of the vice city really need your help and no one comes after you. Step by step challenging missions made this game more thrilling and entertaining. You have to rescue civilians which are injured in the city. Destroy gangster car with the help of laser attack and fire ball attack. Show your driving skills and chase the city gangster with the help of sports car. Enjoy the ever best Cipher Super Hero Vs Super Villains action simulation, with strange and challenging gameplay. Show your best fighting skills against the top world mafia as well as with the daring super robotic villains to fight with. Just grab your Confun hero and world best weapons to save the people of the vice city. Show your amazing fighting skills against the most dangerous Fantastic villain. Entertaining missions are ready to blast the game in the gaming world with the help of different camera angles and increase your score to unlock new exciting missions.

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