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Flying Unicorn Horse Family Jungle Survival

05 Sep 2023 Game Of The Day

Flying Unicorn Horse Family Jungle Survival

by sara taylor

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  • Flying Unicorn Horse Family Jungle Survival
  • Flying Unicorn Horse Family Jungle Survival
  • Flying Unicorn Horse Family Jungle Survival
  • Flying Unicorn Horse Family Jungle Survival

Gallop into a new family adventure as a beautiful wild flying unicorn horse! 

Live wild and free in a gorgeous new world that’s waiting to be explored! Start your own herd and breed, raise, and customize your horses! Flying unicorn horse family jungle survival is an exciting game where you play as cute unicorn and survive in the jungle to live the beautiful life. Find your mate in the dark forest and increase your clan to rule the forest. 

Explore different fantasy lands, complete missions and make a unicorn family in a new flying animal survival forest simulator. Wild animals are ready to attack your home but it’s your duty to protect your family from these angry creatures and survive happily in the dark castle land. Eat food and drink water to increase your health and maintain your surviving stamina.

Key Features:

• Make packs of wild unicorn horses of the big forest & start hunting as alpha
• Highly customized engaging levels of cute Pegasus animal games
• Select your favourite unicorn breed to survive 
• Customize your flying unicorn as you want
• Beautiful fantasy land with smooth flying horse controls

Flying unicorn horse family fantasy land survivor is specially designed for all unicorn family game lovers and flying Pegasus RPG game fans. Some archers are catching your lovely mate and locked her in the castle. Fly in the air like Pegasus unicorn and find the castle to save your love from jungle enemies. Beat the eagle guards and enter the castle with the help of your magical powers

Flying and deadly dragons are waiting for you & ready for the attack to vanish your soul mate from the fantasy unicorn land. Defeat these dragons as well as the archer and save your love from these monster. Go home and train your pony unicorn how to survive in the jungle while playing flying pony horse Pegasus family simulator.

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