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Fort Night City Final Battle

Fort Night City Final Battle

by confun game

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  • Fort Night City Final Battle
  • Fort Night City Final Battle
  • Fort Night City Final Battle
  • Fort Night City Final Battle
  • Fort Night City Final Battle

Welcome to the Fort Night City Final Battle where you fight in grand city environment & feel the thrilled of battleground survival simulation. Get ready for the action and thrilling challenges missions in this fortn battle where you save the vice city from dangerous soldiers. You have to be ready to mobile battleground with the final royale rivals as an alone fighter. You can show your shooting skills while hanging on the helicopter. Choose your favorite weapons like Machine Gun, Shotgun, M16, and Rocket Launcher and wandering in the grand city with the help of parachute.

Lovely Grand City occupied by these lethal dangerous soldiers in this action simulator. It’s time for final battle of elite shooter against the tracker soldiers. Beautiful city is under control, got attacked by the evil soldiers creating chaos destruction around. Dangerous Soldiers here to defeat you, so beware from these unknown battleground player squad. You have to show your strategic mind tactics & talents. This is the fieriest battleground in the grand city, you must discharge every solider enemy and become the last stand one.


Fort Night City Final Battle is thrilling simulator with exciting gameplay where you play as Leading Shooter Hero and beat all enemies with the help of model weapons in this final fortn war. You can attack on the opponent soldiers with fire, kick and with amazing martial art combos. This is a survival of strongest hero in soldier battle war. With a smooth run and gun arcade game play, be a part of this battleground survival royale shooting where enemies are ready to storm your defense. Enter in the enemy area with the help of helicopter and destroy everything which comes in your way.

Fort Night City Final Battle is shooting simulator that contains the impossible and final battle with the badly soldiers. Enjoy the most challenging mobile battleground game where the evil soldiers are demolishing the beautiful city. You can stop these malicious enemies by firing missiles and bombs. Don’t mess up with epic fantasy fight, just follow the rules of shooting survival and become a combat hero. You need to improve your fighting skills to survive in this thrilling simulator. In this 3rd person elite shooter 3D game where elite hero uses zip line techniques to move from one building to another.

Key Features:

 Play as Secret Elite Agent Soldier
 Choose your desired weaponries to fight
 Fight with evil soldiers and save the grand city
 Tremendous Sounds and amazing animations to play
 3D Graphics and City Battle Environment
 Addictive Gameplay and Smooth Controls
 Enter in the enemy base with the help of Parachute & helicopter

This is a new 3rd person shooting game where you will survive with your rapid shooting skills. Just believe in yourself and never let any rival escape from this battleground survival as an aggressive smasher. Fulfill your duty and step on the battlefield as you declare war against butcher soldiers. The intense shooting elite soldier techniques and flying battle with the help of helicopter by playing action simulator. Show your fighting & shooting skills to destroy evil forces in the grand city.

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