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Free The Balloons

Free The Balloons

by Thomas Brad

  • Free The Balloons
  • Free The Balloons
  • Free The Balloons
  • Free The Balloons
  • Free The Balloons

Free the Balloons game simulates the story of intelligent boy name Harry, he continuously exposed the mysterious games world. Now he is ready to challenge his brainpower by releasing the balloons from the jungle world and from the marshland desert. 

This strategically balloons game play is for all age group who loves the mind games. Survive in the green jungle and desert, discover the finest route to release the balloons.

How to Play

Search for the effective path to move towards the balloon, once you use the route you will not be able to reuse the path because of brick wall. Don’t stuck yourself in the brick wall and complete each missions with time. You cannot cross the rivers, stones, cactus and skulls etc. Beware from the quicksand, sinkhole, scorpions and snakes otherwise you mess with them you will lose the Free the Balloon game.

Special Powers

Get epic rewards of special powers by completing the missions of Free the Balloons. 

 Undo feature helps you to undo the last route. 
 Ghost power eases you to move between the bricks wall, skulls and stones etc. 
 Bomb attack blast the nearby brick walls.

Remarkable and cool controls you can change that you like more in Free the Balloon game. 

 Touch Controls.
 Swipe Controls. 

Unique and Interesting Missions

Each missions of Free the Balloons game having amazing level of difficulty that will test your brainpower and strategically mind. Show your strategy to solve quest game and survive in difficult conditions.

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