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Fruit Cartoon

23 Jun 2017 Game Of The Day

Fruit Cartoon

by ASQTeam

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Fruit Cartoon: new fruit game with cute characters and challenging journey! Juice Babies live in Sky Farm in happiness with their friends. However, the worm attacks the farm, arrest Juice Babies and steal fruits. You need to protect the homeland, rescue your buddies, and fight against the enemy. This is a revolution of match 3 game with creative missions, fantastic adventure, and surely bring new experiences to fruit game fans! Let's go to the farmland, meet cute friends to start the interesting adventure!

Main function:
✔ 7 combo-missions types. 2 game modes
✔ First version has 400 levels, and will be updated or added soon
✔ Fun and challenging missions in farm world:
Collect water and remove ice
Clear poisonous mushroom and help Juice Baby climb to top
Beat the worm and remove obstacle
Remove chain and find key underground to rescue Juice Baby
Collect nutrient bottle and find magic power to beat the dragon
Collect fruits and remove weed
Find legend fruit under ice and grow grass to the farm

✔ You're sure to love cute characters. All things are designed following to story to make players really live in the game!
✔ Weapons to help you remove obstacle and defeat enemy effectively
✔ Play with Facebook friends & compare score with them
✔ Win Daily Prize to get valuable gift
✔ Global leaderboard. Achievement & quest are so challenging!
✔ Game is easy to start, but lots of difficult levels on the journey
✔ Direction of filling empty cells: top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, spiral fill, and combination of them... to make the game more interesting
✔ Play game frequently to get lucky rewards
✔ Eye-catching graphics, amazing effects, and exciting sounds!
✔ You can play this farm game in 2 modes: offline or online!

Game modes:
✔ Story: 300 levels. An adventure which 6 new combo missions to help Babies protect the homeland, and defeat enemy. 
✔ Campaign: 100 levels to challenge your skill! You need to find legend symbol and grow grass to the garden!
✔ Daily Prize: each day you have 3 times to play prize. Hard to win but worth to try because you'll get special rewards!

How to play:
✔ Swap items to create 3 in a line to collect them
✔ Swap 4 items in a line to make a Splash
✔ Swap to make L shape to create Boom
✔ Swap to make T shape to create X Splash
✔ Create 5 fruits in a line to make Rainbow Fruit

✔ Shovel: useful to get an item or remove an obstacle
✔ Boom: an explosion to get a region of 9 positions
✔ Splash: collect cells in a column or line
✔ Super Splash: collect cells in both line & column
✔ Rainbow Jamming: harvest all fruits have the same type

Juice Babies live happily in secret garden called Sky Farm. They take care their house and really love gardening. Everyday they go around the secret garden and harvest funny fruits. But the worm and his dragon attack the land, steal treasure, and arrest Juice Babies. Let's protect the garden, rescue Juice Babies, fight against the enemy, and plant grass to your land!
✔ To help us to meet your desires about this fruit game, please send your feedback to: asqteam.mobile@gmail.com
✔ Please like Facebook"\ for the latest news: fb.me/FruitCartoon
ASQTeam - the maker of featured games Fish Crush and Cookie Star!

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