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Galaxy Alien-Spaceship Shooter

20 Sep 2023 Game Of The Day

Galaxy Alien-Spaceship Shooter

by World of Web

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  • Galaxy Alien-Spaceship Shooter
  • Galaxy Alien-Spaceship Shooter
  • Galaxy Alien-Spaceship Shooter

In galaxy shooter, Galactic Attack squad, become an alien galaxy shooter and air shooter as you are the commander of the Falcon Squad, tasked with defending the galaxy from an alien invasion. This fast-paced galaxy shooter is a modern take on classic space games. With a wide variety of spaceships to choose from, you must navigate through treacherous space environments, blasting your way through hordes of enemy ships and dodging their attacks. The space attack game features a range of weapons, from laser cannons to missiles, in this galaxy alien shooter and shooter galaxy attack of galaxy sky shooting game. Protect your galaxy from space invaders.

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