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Giraffe Family Jungle Simulator

Giraffe Family Jungle Simulator

by confun game

  • Giraffe Family Jungle Simulator
  • Giraffe Family Jungle Simulator
  • Giraffe Family Jungle Simulator
  • Giraffe Family Jungle Simulator

Do you want to be a Giraffe? If yes then get ready to experience the life of a giraffe in the desert as well as dark jungle environment. Giraffe Family Jungle Simulator is an amazing adventure thrilling and action game where you play as one of the best giraffe. This game gives a chance to learn the life of a giraffe in jungle and desert rather in a zoo cage. Having too much responsibilities of family how to feed and take care of them from wild animals like angry lions, big bears, wild pig and sharp wolf.

Increase your experience and face challenging tasks one by one in giraffe family jungle simulator. Choose your own giraffe and go in search of food. Giraffes have really peculiar appearances; they are strong, fast and beautiful, so take this opportunity and learn everything about their life. Do different tasks and become stronger. Be the best wild giraffe, hunt the wild animals in the amazing lands and provide food to your family. Gather food, fight with cruel predators and raise your own little family.


Giraffe Family Jungle Simulator is an amazing thrilling and action gameplay where you can play as a wild giraffe. Fight with the more dangerous animals and show your best hunting skills to make more score. Use your special attack like powerful claws, long neck and with your long legs to defeat your enemy. Amazing missions are waiting for you to play as wild giraffe simulator. Explore prairies searching for fruit trees, eat leaves, but be afraid of lions, boar and wild stags. Use your surviving skills and improve them while playing this simulator. They will attack you as soon as possible, so be careful and be ready to fight of each other at the right moment.

Different thrilling and amazing task made this game more special. Take control over the Angry Giraffe and have fun with family. You explore the jungle world and survive with your clan by playing family simulation. You can freely move in the dark forest and spend time with your family in giraffe Simulator 3D game. You can enjoy this fighting survival and save your children from angry animals. Get experience of searching food and hunts the wild animals in the forest as well as desert lands. There are also special skills that allow you to increase speed, collect more food, and get more resources for actions in this game.

Giraffe Family Jungle Simulator Key Features:

• Choose your favorite Wild giraffe to play with
• Fight with angry animals with special hunting skills
• Challenging levels with both jungle and desert environment
• Fantastic Sounds and amazing animations to play
• Addictive Gameplay and 3D Graphics
• Smooth and easy controls
• Action game with amazing attacking skills

Enjoy the most amazing and dangerous Giraffe Family Jungle Simulator that is especially designed for the jungle survival lovers and animals fighting games fans. Earn points for successfully completed missions and unlock new giraffe. You get time challenges, 2 different locations and easy to understand control. For sure you will find this Giraffe Simulation game the best game among all other forest or wild animals’ simulation games. Enjoy Giraffe Family Jungle Simulator 3D game and have fun being this amazing wild family game.

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