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Go Strike!

16 May 2017 Game Of The Day

Go Strike!

by Capermint Technologies

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Go strike! is an innovative and aiming game designed to burst boredom and can be deemed as the Best Time-pass. This 10 minute relax striker Game is a treat for all those who love platform games.

Once you start playing this game, you will be hooked to it!

Are you on the lookout for an exhilarating game? Are you the boredom of playing the same old games and require a much-needed change? Then Go Strike! is the one for you!

The game involves launching Striker throw up by flicking into an air and trying to land them in a container placed at a distance with your pointer finger as an aiming mechanism.With real life gravity and physics at its best, it is not as simple as it sounds. You will have to use your skill to try and make a perfect aim so that striker lands inside the containers when you throw or Flick up.

The game is ideal for all age groups, all places whether you are in a Subway, waiting at Train station, getting bored in office and can be played on any android supported smartphone.

Features of the Go Strike! Game:

• simple to play and comes with easy instructions.

• Customize your containers choosing from Easy, Medium, Hard types.

• The user interface is smooth and allows you to glide during game play and move between the levels.

• The game comes with 15 unique levels that are all equally exciting.

• The gameplay gets tougher with obstacles as you climb the levels using flick and strike.

• You will have to pass through several obstacles that all lie on the way including icicles that hang from the ceiling, a Sniper, hungry birds. You will have to dodge them while making your counts and being home.

• You can purchase additional features from the shop within the app. There are cool features in the game like Magnet, Stikee, Tracker, Sky Dropper that help you to score and move to next level.

• Share your high score with friends and family on Facebook, twitter, Gmail and challenge them to play Go Strike!

The game is a first of its kind and designed to help you have a great time playing it. The more you play strike game, the more you get addicted to it! So don’t hold back, play this fun game whenever you are bored and take the challenge to take aim and throw a striker and perhaps complete the game within an hour.

You can check your score on top and try to beat your previous high score. You will be given a limited number of tries within which you have to land the strike inside the container.

Choosing the right power-ups for a right level will help in quickly advancing to next level, so go play more to unlock the strategy of Go Strike!

So what are you waiting for? Download Go Strike! game from Google Play Store.

Go Strike! - Design & Developed by Capermint Technologies.

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