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Good Night Hippo

09 Aug 2023 Game Of The Day

Good Night Hippo

by PSV

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  • Good Night Hippo
  • Good Night Hippo
  • Good Night Hippo
  • Good Night Hippo

Hippo in interactive Lullaby game. Games for Kids - Good night, baby!

The night comes, it's time to sleep for all. Hippo and her friends are tired and want to sleep. Everyone needs to relax at night. Your task is all put to bed, and adults and children. Bedtime Hippo can play a bit with the toys, but then have to go to bed and turn off the light. Place all in cribs and wished all a good night!

- Interactive Lullaby games for kids;
- Helps the baby to sleep;
- Lullaby songs for baby;
- Favorite heroes Hippo.

When your baby put to sleep all heroes, then very easily be able to sleep under the baby lullaby songs!

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