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Grand Pyramid Run

25 Sep 2019 Game Of The Day

Grand Pyramid Run

by Triangle Dreams

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2D , Runner , Jump
  • Grand Pyramid Run
  • Grand Pyramid Run
  • Grand Pyramid Run
  • Grand Pyramid Run
  • Grand Pyramid Run
  • Grand Pyramid Run

Free casual infinite runner. Play as a clever girl who discovers the secret ancient temple entrance. 
The goal is to go as far through the Pyramid as you can get, collecting various diamonds on the way. 

Watch out for creatures who lurk in Pyramid as well as thieves who will steal your diamonds if they have a chance. 
Also, don't stay too long at one place, since the Pharaoh ghost will sense intruders. 
Along the way find different powers that will help you to overcome enemies or pick up diamonds.
The game has a dynamic gameplay and aims to be simple and fun casual experience.
How far can you run?!

– Free to play
– Beautiful graphics
– Play with just one finger control! Quick start-and-play including tutorial at beginning.
– Run and smash through obstacles, enemies, tomb floors and artifacts watching the pieces fly all over!
– Watch out for creatures who live in there, though cute, they are dangerous!
– Gorgeous temple environments, randomly generated each time you play!
– Pickup various power ups through your journey
– Many achievements to earn, such as diamonds picked, levels completed, enemies overmatched, time spent in Pyramid and powers casted.

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