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Great Shark Hunting 2016

Great Shark Hunting 2016

by Lisa Jeff

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  • Great Shark Hunting 2016

Great Shark Hunting 2016 is the pacemaker in shark hunting games. You are the professional shark hunter in this hungry shark game .Best shooting gameplay you ever imagine , you are hunting blue sharks , whales and crocodiles. Enemy killer will try to stop you from hunting but you have to survive and kill him to save the city from angry sharks. You will ride a boat in this game to hunt different red , green , yellow , grey and blue sharks. Hungry shark will attack on the boat to kill the hunter but you have to survive and hunt down sea animals .

This Hungry Shark Hunting game is simple, challenging and very interesting . In this game, you will enjoy different hunter modes. Kill as many sharks as possible. If you fail to hunt angry sharks you will lose your life. Amazing underwater effects of hunting sharks . Experience best shooting controls by aiming , pulling trigger or taking closer look. Thrill of shooting and hunting angry sharks trying to make you prey.In this seafaring adventure beware of sea mines while riding the life boat.

Real time hunting with slow motion effect of bullets. Beware of overcoming hungry shark attacks.Aim the Sharks using zooming lenses of bigger gun! This is unlike any adventure you've ever been on .This sea is a dangerous place, now it’s time to prove that you are the danger ! Hungry Shark Sniping game allows anyone to hunt sharks from the comfort of dry land. You are the real hero Sharp-Shooter so save the Jet-Ski Riders and swimmers to make the beach environment safe. Use your AK-47 rifle for shark sniping and ride the boat to chase sharks.

Great Shark Hunting 2016 Features:

•Easy and Smooth controls to enhance your shooting experience
•Third Person shooter action and adventure gameplay
•Stunning 3D Graphics depicting Ocean and Beach Environments
•Map to find enemies including crazy shark , whale , crocodile and hunter.
•Real Life Shooting & Hunting Experience
•Ride boat to chase and hunt down blue sharks

Download this best shark hunting game for free to be a Shark Hunter Hero! Aim with your favorite gun and shoot the shark and other sea monsters. Enjoy this hunting game simulator with deep sea animals to hunt from all over the world.This game is mixture of action and adventure with spear fishing.

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