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Haunting Horror Quest- Fix my Head

29 Aug 2017 Game Of The Day

Haunting Horror Quest- Fix my Head

by Potenza Global Solutions

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  • Haunting Horror Quest- Fix my Head
  • Haunting Horror Quest- Fix my Head
  • Haunting Horror Quest- Fix my Head
  • Haunting Horror Quest- Fix my Head
  • Haunting Horror Quest- Fix my Head

Are you in the quest of a haunted game? If so, nothing is better than Haunting Horror Quest- the thrilling game that’s crafted around Halloween theme based characters, frightening background, and scary music. You will find all the ghastly ghouls in the mobile app that you might have observed in spooky puzzle games online. 

What is the haunting game about?

In the horror game, you will find Sinister (evil figure) who lost his skeleton head and when you help him in fixing the head by rolling his skeleton head towards the body after crossing all the obstacles, Sinister would get conquer over death. 

The haunted Halloween game not just excites you, but make your toes curl in all the 30 levels that puzzle game has. From the first level to the 30th level, you have to help the Sinister to fix the head and the next level will get unlocked only when you pass the current level. The complexity of the gameplay increases as you move ahead to higher levels. 

What’s more hidden in the Physics Puzzler game?

- Unique and engaging storyline
- Lots of spooks- Deadly hands, ghostly pumpkin, spooky bombs and more
- Clues to ease the gameplay
- Eerie music that gives you Goosebumps
- Passing all the obstacles involves physics logic
- Challenges every age group 
- It’s completely free to download and play

So tap into the mysterious game today!

The 30 levels are truly the brain teasers that let the player have a great fun while rolling the skeleton and take them on the ride of haunted Halloween night.

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