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Hex Nuts & Bolts Jigsaw Puzzle

20 Feb 2024 Game Of The Day

Hex Nuts & Bolts Jigsaw Puzzle

by creative spartans

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  • Hex Nuts & Bolts Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Hex Nuts & Bolts Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Hex Nuts & Bolts Jigsaw Puzzle

Hex Nuts & Bolts Jigsaw Puzzle

Master nuts & bolts jigsaw puzzles! Fit hexa nuts on bolts for a perfect fit-a-nut sort game

Put your spatial reasoning along with shape sorting and fitting skills to the test with Hexa Nuts & Bolts Fit In, a tangram puzzle game that combines tinker tools, jigsaw puzzle logic with satisfying screw twists and turns! Slide the hex nuts group to perfectly fit in intricate shapes of hexagonal nuts & bolts set, where every move brings you closer to a perfect fit. Enjoy this new touch to the old-school wood block puzzle with a new twist of nuts sort, bolts & screws.

Unleash Your Inner nuts & bolts master with tangram game skills:

• Challenge your mind with a variety of unique 3D nut-merged jigsaw puzzle shapes, from classic squares to mind-bending stars.

• Show your sort master & fit-in skills, Slide & Place the hexagonal nuts group on the bolt board in such a way as to find the perfect fit.

• Simply unscrew & Tap away the screw nuts with a single touch if they don’t slide into the bolts perfectly, keep on trying till it fits perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle piece.

• Strategize your hexa sort & slide moves carefully, filling the board efficiently and avoiding dead ends.

• Think ahead and plan multiple steps to conquer increasingly complex bolt sort & fit-in puzzles, act like the real hex sort master.

• Experience the joy of stacking up the nuts on bolts & filling each shape with your sorted nuts, unlocking a sense of accomplishment with every move of this creative fit-in slide puzzle.

• Relax and de-stress with calming visuals of nuts sliding across the thread and satisfying sound effects of nuts & bolt sort movements.

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