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High School Stunt Boy

High School Stunt Boy

by Trillion Games

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  • High School Stunt Boy


Hello Boys! Please don’t try this at your school. 

School time is over and get ready for show time! Let impress your city school friends with your energetic bike stunt moves in High School Stunt Boy game. The whole camera crew of school youngsters are recording your fascinated skateboard stunts video in their mobile phones. Drive your favorite sports car, heavy bike and use the skateboard for the daring stunts. Jump from one ramps to another ramp and clear all the fired vehicle that are between these two ramps. 

Show your attractive stunt move like a Hollywood movie stunt man in front audience. Accelerate the speed of stunt bike and jump from ramp to daring tunnel, then move towards the finishing line. High School Biker Stunt Boy simulation will give you the realistic feeling that you are actually performing the stunts in front of your school friends. Improve your driving skills and perform thrilling stunts in city area.

Game Play:

High School Stunt Boy simulation contains the challenging and breathtaking stunts game play. Ride in your favorite stunt vehicles like, Skateboard, Sports car and motor bike for incredible stunts. Drive heavy bike at a nimble speed and jump from one bridge to another bridge in car stunts boy games. Awesome slow camera movement will capture your stunt move that make this High School Stunt Boy simulation addictive. Do different thrilling task while driving your favorite car as well as heavy bike in city.

Complete your task within time to unlock the other interesting stunts levels. In this high school game you can easily unlock the stunt vehicles that you love to play with by making more score. Not everyone in the world can perform the sports car stunts that a stunt man can perform in their life. Show your professional stunt skills by using different vehicles over the challenging ramps. 

High School Stunt Boy Features: 

• Play the role of high school stunt boy
• Drive Sports bike, Stunt car and skateboard 
• Fabulous city environment
• Amazing ramps for performing stunts
• Unique and Challenging stunt game play

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