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How To Get A Girl

13 Jul 2018 Game Of The Day

How To Get A Girl

by GameiCreate

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  • How To Get A Girl
  • How To Get A Girl
  • How To Get A Girl
  • How To Get A Girl
  • How To Get A Girl
  • How To Get A Girl
  • How To Get A Girl

Welcome to "A Nerdy Boy College Love Story" Game.

After a school day, the College brings a lot of excitement for all the boys and girls. In college, you will make new friends, you will go to parties, and also find love along the way. Every choice that you make it in college, It's completely up to you! In this College Love Story game, Kevin is a nerdy boy without a stylish look. But actually, Kevin is a brilliant guy, who has topped in the class all his life. He has a secret crush on a girl called Carol, but she finds him a geek. Carol and her friends use to tease Kevin a lot. It was really disheartening for Kevin. So what will they happen next? Will Kevin Impress to Carol? Will they have a romantic night? Find all the answers in this Nerdy Boy Love story game, from dream to romance.

Makeover for Boy: 

In College Love Story, Kevin wants to impress her and he needs your help. Can you help him to win the heart of the girl he likes? If yes, First all of go to boy makeover salon and use scissor, trimmer, cream, razor, comb, blower and give him a better look. Oh.. Kevin looks so stylish and fashionable. Thank you so much for your help.

Impress Carol:

After the makeover, Kevin really needs to show his nature and impress Carol by doing good deeds. Take a proper aim and score maximum goals to impress Carol. Help old aunty. OMG it will work and Carol notices Kevin all the time and She wish he becomes her friend.

Introduction between Kevin & Carol: 

It's the right time to introduce Kevin and Carol, Be confident in front of Carol and take her phone number during the talks. 

Enjoy Love Chatting:

Without thinking much, Text her and enjoy a casual chatting on messenger. Kevin asks Carol for funfair happening in the town and plans for it. 

Have a Fun At Fun Fair in love game:

In the Fun fair you can enjoy lots of fun activities like Experience the different rides, Show your skills and Swipe the ball to hit the favorable object. Make sure you Swipe the ball to hit the favorable object. Make sure you don't miss out any target, Play balloon hitting game, Enjoy the cotton candy and much more. It will be great fun.

Enjoy Movie:

Next, they plan for a movie after the class. At the Movie Theater First of all select the kind of movie you want to watch, choose the appropriate format and select the most comfortable seats for a ticket. Don't forget to take delicious popcorn and yummy flavors of juices. Enjoy the cute moments in theater in this love affair game.

Enjoy the Love Conversation on Call: 

After the wonderful movie night, Carol is calling Kevin and shares her feelings and asks him for a dinner date. Oh, Kevin Say yes and they are can't wait for the date. 

Shopping for Girlfriend: 

Kevin wants to buy a nice bouquet for her girlfriend but he is really confused, so let's help him to select nice bouquet and also help her to choose the most beautiful dress for Carol.

Help Carol to arrange the Love Date:

Carol wants to design a customized ring for Kevin. But she really needs help in designing the ring. So it's time to show your creativity in this college love crush game and prepare the awesome ring for Kevin. Next, Set the table beautifully and make sure it is arranged as per their likings and it turned out to be a great romantic night! Select the food of your choice and enjoy it. Hope they have their best time on this romantic dinner date.

Finally, the time has come when Carol is going to propose Kevin by giving him a beautiful ring and ask him for the wedding. Oh my god, Kevin, Say yes and they enjoy kissing with each other in this love crush game. 
Kevin: I love you Carol. 
Carol: I love you too Kevin.

Selfie View:

Let's capture this beautiful moment, take a fabulous selfie in this secret love affair game.

Play and enjoy this A Nerdy Boy College Love Story game and share it with your best friends and all the family members.

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