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Hyper Hazard Speedway

17 Aug 2017 Game Of The Day

Hyper Hazard Speedway

by Afterlight Entertainment

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  • Hyper Hazard Speedway
  • Hyper Hazard Speedway

Avoid crashing into oncoming obstacles as you drive down a circular road hunting for points!

Fast reactions and quick thinking are needed as you race through Hyper Hazard Speedway, evading obstacles and gathering points in fast-paced arcade gameplay. With your hover car at hand, use the full 360 degrees of road to avoid the hazards coming your way in ever increasing difficulty. The longer you survive, the greater the onslaught! Through pillars, walls, and more, your reflexes will be tested.

As you weave in and out of obstacles, be on the lookout for points to rack up your score. Balance survival with the risks of securing high value points from dangerous positions. Mistakes will be made!

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