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Ice Candy Frozen Food Delight

11 Jan 2017 Game Of The Day

Ice Candy Frozen Food Delight

by RN Gaming Studio

  • Ice Candy Frozen Food Delight
  • Ice Candy Frozen Food Delight
  • Ice Candy Frozen Food Delight

Come on kids it’s time to make a delightful ice candy Popsicle the delightful Food of all.
If you don’t know how to make one, no worries because in this game we will teach you how to make ice candy. At the end of this game you’ll have a nice sweet frozen ice candy Popsicle of your own choice. 
With tons of topping and large number of candies, put In this frozen candy maker game you kids can make unlimited candies with lots of Shapes. 
Butterfly shaped, Star Shape, duck and Birds shape Popsicle are going to blow your mind. 
Rainbow colored Ice Candy Popsicle Frozen Food Delight allow kids to make different color candies. 
Red Color, Yellow Color, Green and Yellow color ,
With lots of fruit.
Kids Don’t forget to take a healthy bite when you done making sweet icy  candies , you’ll love Flavor in your mouth the best experience in the world. 
With mixed colors and Flavors especially lemon and frozen too. 
Winter, summer or spring I love lemon flavor Popsicle in every season and I hope you too.  
Express and Share your Creativity with your friends, show them how good you are at making frozen yummiest delight.  
Key Features:
Nice and Easy interface for every kid even toddlers can easily play game. 
Red Yellow Green Purple & User can mix colors and make different combinations 
Icy Butterfly Bar Star Duck Bird & more 
Smiles, Fruits, orange, strawberry, Candies, chocolate, hearts, sprinkles & many more

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