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Icy Ninja

09 Feb 2017 Game Of The Day

Icy Ninja

by Lexicon Tech

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Welcome to the Icy Ninja. In this game, you take control of two ninja climbers that tied together by an icy rope in icy cliff challenge to breakout ninja army. You must jump over the icy cliff together, and survive together with that ropes ice. Don't look down and don't drag the ninja or pull the rope down. Calculate every inch, calculate everything, calculate the rope pull, and master the ninja pull jutsu. Plan your way to freedom and master the title "Icy Ninja".

Play as a lot of characters, ninja and super heroes that you can unlock with gem for free. No in app purchases, no real money.


  • Icy Ninja is purely based on physics. No fake physics, no fake ice, no fake ropes effect. Each icy ninja climber can pull rope, ninja pull with the chain, and push the other, even drag and pull the rope of the other ninja. Use this feature wisely, don't drag your friend over the cliff because of your ice ropes pull him down.
  • You can play two endless mode in Icy Ninja, classic and windy and compete with other players around the world in our new Google Play Leader board.

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