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IGI: Military Commando Shooter

17 Jul 2021 Game Of The Day

IGI: Military Commando Shooter

by Apex Games

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3D , Shooter , War
  • IGI: Military Commando Shooter
  • IGI: Military Commando Shooter
  • IGI: Military Commando Shooter
  • IGI: Military Commando Shooter
  • IGI: Military Commando Shooter
  • IGI: Military Commando Shooter

Do you want to be an army death invader for your enemy wave? Than your wait is over!  IGI: Military Commando Shooter is the best action game to experience and complete secret mission. You are a lone wolf in this 3d commando mission’s game to wipe out enemy wave with the brave heart and fire master skills. 
In IGI: Military Commando Shooter game you are in a warzone to give your best commando silent killer action. In the result of that you will wipe out each and every threat to your country by acting as a frontline shooter with that brave heart. Ready your assault sniper lone wolf and wipe out your entire enemy in this warzone with those fire master skills you got.
There are 10 levels in this by far best “IGI: Military Commando Shooter” game in which you are fully loaded with deadly weapons, so death invader get yourself prepare for some commando action in warzone. Some fields are as follows:
    Destroy enemy ammo: with that fire master + army shooter skill using the best advance weapons to enjoy 3d commando action.
    Stop enemies to get in your country: So it means you as a lone wolf have to use that assault sniper skills to eliminate you entire enemy wave.
    Capture their base: which requires your commando silent killer 3d action with that dead weapon.
    Hostage Rescue: you need to act as a good soldier with the brave heart to play this rouge game commando missions.
    Save your base: from barracks you need to wipe out that enemy wave because of their mutiny act and best weapon for this is machine gun (FN M249E2 SAW).

You are provided with three different environments to show your action skills. Environments include village in mountain area in which you can be attacked from uphill, dessert and military base.

Best WEAPONS for war zone
1.    Glock 19 (pistol)
2.    G3
3.    Dragunov (Machine Gun)
4.    FN M249E2 SAW
5.    MP5_SD
6.    RPG

    Variety of weapons to enjoy shooting
    3d Action-oriented TPS shooting game
    Best warzone graphics
    Accomplish commando mission to become best assassin
    Shoot to kill

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