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Indian Wedding Honeymoon Part3

04 Jan 2021 Game Of The Day

Indian Wedding Honeymoon Part3

by GameiMake

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  • Indian Wedding Honeymoon Part3
  • Indian Wedding Honeymoon Part3
  • Indian Wedding Honeymoon Part3
  • Indian Wedding Honeymoon Part3
  • Indian Wedding Honeymoon Part3
  • Indian Wedding Honeymoon Part3
  • Indian Wedding Honeymoon Part3
  • Indian Wedding Honeymoon Part3

The Indian marriage, according to Hindu beliefs are made in heaven, and once you are married life is going to change completely with the great Indian First night(Suhagraat) and Great Honeymoon at exotic location and many other responsibilities in the routine life. And as the time pass by they will have a new chapter of life. So get ready to enjoy Our third part of Indian Wedding game "Indian Wedding Honeymoon Part 3".

Indian Wedding Honeymoon game, Enjoy romentic level in this indian weeding suhagrat game.

First Night of Marriage(Suhagrat):

After the Indian wedding, It's time for the First night that is ìsuhagratî. This is also the night where the relatives and friends make fun of the groom, teasing him for his impatience in joining his bride. They also play pranks with them by sneaking while they are getting cozy.

Make the first dish after marriage in this Wedding Cooking Game:
The very first morning after the marriage is very special day for bride. She is expected to play a big role at the groomís home, where she not only cooks the food for the family members but also serve them personally.

Make Plans For Honeymoon:
It's time for couple where they spend quality time with each other and add some romance to their life. They are ready to plan their honeymoon, away from the family and friends. So make plans for Honeymoon & enjoy conversation in this Indian Wedding Part 3 game.

Honeymoon Packing:
A honeymoon is the trip of a lifetime-the first long, exotic trip. After the planning most important aspect comes into the picture, that is packing. So you have to select amazing dresses for wedding couple and other things for their dream trip. 

Airport view:
They all set for their dream trip. They have reached the airport. So help the beautiful couple to complete all the formalities into the airport. Don't forget to check the passport of in this Airport game.

Fun at Romentic Beach:
It's going to be perfect day includes soaking up the sun, playing in sand, or swimming in the ocean, but don't forget to take necessary measures before going to beach. It's so much fun in this wedding couple game.

Kissing View:
They are deeply in love with each other and the location is such. They are going to confess how much they love each other by enjoying the beautiful sunset on the beach.

Swimming view::
Miamiís beach has crystal clear water & soft white sand, our cute couple are going to enjoy their swimming experience to the fullest.

Food view:
The couple is feeling little hungry. Serve some food to the couple like juice of their favorite flavor.

Perform Mud spa:
This amazing couple has scheduled a couple deep sea mud spa in the cabana along with the relaxing bath.

Enjoy Hot tub spa:
The hot water works like a mini massage on your shoulders, neck & back. So help them to enjoy the hot water mini-spa experience.

Take a bath together in this Honeymoon Game:
The idea of perfect date is not always the fancy restaurant or the long drive in a romantic weather. You can also have a perfect date bathing together with a beach view. Sip wine while sitting in the bathtub together & enjoy the romantic date.

Steam bath with kissing prank:
It is one of best options as they are enjoying this together. This is bride's favorite as it is helpful for her skin.
Tap on the kiss button when nobody watching them.

Love Moments at Sunset:
Talking on the beach can give them some uninterrupted time to catch up on life, to talk about things both big & small in between.

Pregnancy test:
Bride is not feeling good. She decided to take a pregnancy test. Let's check out whether it's positive or negative.

Newborn baby:
The pregnancy period was most difficult months of her life. The couple came really close and are all set for a newborn baby in their lives. 

Photo shoot:
We need to have a great photo shoot with the new member in the family, let's create some wonderful memories and click some amazing photos of a happy family.

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