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Infini Maths

Infini Maths

by Capermint Technologies

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Want to test your mathematics knowledge? Boring with current mathematics games? It’s time to download Infini Maths!

Infini Maths: One of the best mathematics Unity3D game. Challenge yourself with each level of Infini Maths. Best time killing for maths lovers.

How to Play Infini Maths Game?
- Click on blue play button and your game starts!
- Blue numbers are the answers.
- Perform simple maths on yellow numbers and symbols as per the blue number values.
- Complete each level within the time limit.
- You can also play the game again with the retry option.

Features of Infini Maths Unity3D Game:
- Built on the Unity3D platform.
- Easy to find total time spent & total play count.
- Total Correct & Wrong answer count.
- Leaderboard for top scorers.
- Easy to share your score with your friends.
- High-quality graphics with the smooth gaming experience.

Design & Developed by Capermint Technologies.

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