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Islamic Memory Game for Kids

26 Jun 2017 Game Of The Day

Islamic Memory Game for Kids

by Rizwan Ali

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  • Islamic Memory Game for Kids
  • Islamic Memory Game for Kids
  • Islamic Memory Game for Kids
  • Islamic Memory Game for Kids

Quran Reading wishes you All a Very Happy and Blessed Ramadan 2017

Islamic Memory is a free mobile game that challenges your mind’s ability to grasp the images and focus. It checks how much attention your mind gives and how quickly your mind responds in return. 

There is no age limit for this game to play but it can explicitly help your kids in a longer run to be familiar with Islamic images and concepts.

Categories included in this game comprise Islam for kids including section covering Math games, Memory games, Drag and seek. Each category has further 8 levels which moves from simple to difficult with the help of familiar Islamic images.

Instructions to play game:
Following are the points that a user should keep in mind prior installing this game:
• In Match mode of the memory game, similar images should be matched within 10 seconds or you’ll lose the game.
• In Drag mode, drag the image back to its original basket within the specified time.
• In Seek mode, you have to observe the image blocks carefully and swap them back to original position by tapping on them.
• You can unlock the Drag game only when all levels of Image Match game have been cleared. Similarly, play all levels of Drag Islamic Memory Game to unlock the Seek Image position game.
• To increase the difficulty level in each mode, number of images to be matched is increased.
• Number of chances allowed at matching the pictures increases with the difficulty level.
• Time limit to accomplish each level increases with increasing difficulty level.

Download this game for kids and let them familiarize with the core concepts of Islam in a fun way.

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