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Jewel Quest

Jewel Quest

by i Appmaker

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Jewel Quest - New Game with lot of adventurous levels !

Jewel Quest is a free matching puzzle game with various shapes, now with jewels. Match the jewels - form shapes - pop jewels and win the board before the jewels conquers the board

 Move jewels across the board and form shapes like
    -> square using 4 Jewels of same colour
    -> Rectangle using 6 Jewels of same colour
    -> Plus using 9 Jewels of same colour
    -> Cross using 9 Jewels of same colour
 Match jewels in over 150+ unique and fun filled puzzles
 Achieve the targets for more Jewel Quest.
 Get high score with boosters to be a Best Puzzler.
 Earn more and more 3 stars to be a MASTER MIND of match puzzles.
    -> Short path - Pop jewels in limited moves
    -> Fast crush - move jewel quickly and form shapes in limited time. As clock tick 0 you should have cleared all hurdles
    -> Puzzle Berry - Crush the jewels over the wooden or Glass board and bring the berry out.
    -> Wall Breaker - Crush the jewels over the wooden or Glass wall and explore additional jewels

  AMAZING Puzzles like breaking glasses and treasure hunt more Jewels
  JEWEL QUEST is an unique game in the genre of match puzzle, that is easy to learn - hard to master
  MASTER in breaking interesting and tricky levels of obstacles
  LEARNING Jewel Quest is easy with the Simple, animated tutorial available.
  COMPATIBLE to all Android OS phones and tablets
  EYE Catching Treasure hunt theme goes well with the Jewel Quest
  In-App Purchases are available 
  Post high score in Google Leaderboard and have fun with your circles
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 Contact us if you have any questions, ideas for improvements or experience any bugs when playing the game: mridhroid@gmail.com

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