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JUNG : Fight For Nation Battle Ground

23 Sep 2020 Game Of The Day

JUNG : Fight For Nation Battle Ground

by GamerGage Studio

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  • JUNG : Fight For Nation Battle Ground
  • JUNG : Fight For Nation Battle Ground
  • JUNG : Fight For Nation Battle Ground
  • JUNG : Fight For Nation Battle Ground
  • JUNG : Fight For Nation Battle Ground
  • JUNG : Fight For Nation Battle Ground
  • JUNG : Fight For Nation Battle Ground

Are you Ready to Get into a Multiplayer Arena? Yes, Than JUNG - Fight for Nation Battle Ground Where You are playing with Your Friends or Random Guys Talking / Chatting and Winning.

So Get Ready with Your Guns And Skills.

Prepare your Loadouts.

Setup your Hands And Took Every Victory and become a PRO.

Kill More Win More

You can host Tournaments and Many Tournaments Coming too...

Participating in Tournament and showing your skills and Have Experience Playing with other Competitive Players and You can make a profit from this.

Welcome to this new Shooting Multiplayer Action Esport Game for Free and become a Pro. Play as a commando in this new fabulous game 2020. There are very few free games and the new games 2020 on play store yet we present JUNG shooting multiplayer game.

So are you a PRO? Let's check Download now and Play and Show your Power/Skills too all.

You are a prepared Commando of unique powers and you are outfitted with current modern weapons.

Show Your Skills Against Other in Both Maps.

★ Features ★

⏺ It has 2 Maps Many More coming. 1. GUANACO DESERT 2. THE INDO JUNG

⏺ TDM Modes - 2v2 , 4v4,6v6.

⏺ You can create your own Room.

⏺ Play With your Friends/Family.

⏺ Voice and Chat Feature Included

⏺ Less In Size

And Many More...

Install Now and Play It.

★ What is special in our game? ★

Multi-Player Game which consists of the Create Room feature so that you can Play and Also You can Host Tournaments. It has many Modes like 2vs2, 4vs4, 6vs6, and with 2 included maps having many weapons to test your skills and Fabulous Maps to play and enjoy with Easy and reliable Awesome Controls and Plus Point you can Adjust PING on your own. So that it will easily run in any device. You can also Adjust Sensitivity as per your convenience and skillset and many more.

★ Keypoints ★

⏺Fighting for Nation Battle Ground - Get Ready With Your Weapons.

⏺This game contains the rivalries team - DESH vs VIDESH.

⏺You Can Also Play with Bots.

⏺Set Your Own Ping

⏺Create Room

⏺Voice and Chat Features Included

⏺Two Maps

⏺Many Game Modes

⏺Many Weapons

★ Weapons In JUNG ★

⏺ Assault Rifle

⏺ Pistol

⏺ Molly

⏺ Knife

⏺ Grenade

⏺ Missile Launcher

★ More Info About JUNG ★

⏺ Create Room Feature

⏺ Different Fighting Modes

⏺ You can pick up varied weapons to strike the enemies.

And Many more is there So Download it, Try it and Explore the World of JUNG.

★ Game Controls ★

It has a Simple Touch Game Controls. Easy to play and you can set your sensitivity as per your need and Self Satisfaction.

You are a soldier fighting for your Nation.

So don't Wait hit that Install Button and Grab This Opportunity

Try all Maps, Modes With Your Shooting Skills and Practice More, and Setup Your Hands.

Share with Your Friends and Play Together and Win Together.

And become a Hero in front of your Friends and Family.

Have Fun.

Don't forget to Leave A Review

More Updates Coming Soon...

JUNG- Fight For Nation Battleground Is Developed by A Solo Developer

This is an action-packed game with an extreme thriller.

So Download Now and Start Killing players as much you can and become a Champion.

so don't sit. Just start Practicing and Become an Awesome Gamer/Player.

Don't Forget to Rate and Share it with all and Enjoy Together

For any Query DMCA Query Contact Us at kushalbaid16@gmail.com

Made in India with Love

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