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Kampret Ninja Run

19 Mar 2017 Game Of The Day

Kampret Ninja Run

by Ardi Hasa

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  • Kampret Ninja Run
  • Kampret Ninja Run
  • Kampret Ninja Run
  • Kampret Ninja Run

This is a funny and simple action adventure prank games of pink ninja with funny secret features that can make you shock, scare, and laugh, or maybe even cry.

The first feature idea is like in famous prank games "Scary Maze game". Loud scream sound will play with scary funny picture pop up to screen to try to shock you when you die too much. So Don't Die.
The second feature idea is like "Shake Me", pure joys of shaking phone and batman on drugs will singing something funny for you in 10 seconds before move in to next stage.
We do fusion of that in this prank games for you.

That ninja will running for collect coins and points on scrolls. But it wont be that easy because ninja girl will be facing a lot of obstacles and player touch the screen to jump and avoid obstacle, hole, and torn or Die.

Remember, scary shocking prank games will be triggered when you die too much... so, just try to Don't Die.

* High score integration coming soon.
* Pocong inside.

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