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Kids Cafe

25 Sep 2023 Game Of The Day

Kids Cafe

by PSV

  • Kids Cafe
  • Kids Cafe
  • Kids Cafe
  • Kids Cafe

We present a new game with a funny baby Hippo - Kids Cafe.

You will manage a small cafe, serve different animals that come in there to eat or just have a cup of coffee. One of most favorite baby games is go to the cafe. All kids and animals love have a tasty meal!
Baby Hippo will serve the boys girls and animals. Chef Raccoon will cook delicious meals. Customers do not like to wait long, so it is not so simple to serve them. Therefore, we must try to make every baby animal customer happy. To do this - seat the client quickly at the table, and polite take the order and then quickly deliver animal boys and girls their orders. If everything is made correctly and quickly - the customer will leave a generous tip, come again and bring their friends! Make every effort to arrange a kids holiday!

Every day, the level of difficulty increases, the amount of daily tips needed to proceed increases too. It is necessary to increase the level of service to increase your revenue. Buy new tables and chairs, buy a variety of decorations: flowers, tablecloths etc. Over time, as the cook will not have time to serve all customers, you will have to hire a new chef. To decrease baby Hippo time to serve your customers, she will need new skates.

Play and develop your kids cafe with baby Hippo and it will turn into a real kids restaurant.

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