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Kids Games to Learn English

22 Jan 2023 Game Of The Day

Kids Games to Learn English

by Kids land

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  • Kids Games to Learn English
  • Kids Games to Learn English
  • Kids Games to Learn English
  • Kids Games to Learn English
  • Kids Games to Learn English
  • Kids Games to Learn English
  • Kids Games to Learn English
  • Kids Games to Learn English

Kids Games to Learn English

About this game

Teaching the English language to children comes with many challenges and seems a daunting task. Teaching English to your children is difficult because they have no prior knowledge of the language. In their early years, teaching them to speak basic English words might help to build a strong foundation for a language.

In order to make your work and life both easier, we develop basic English learning games for preschoolers to learn to speak simple and basic English words in a fun and interactive way

Learning English through games is one of the best ways to teach your child to speak English on his own. In this English kids game, your child can learn the English alphabet, numbers, English month, weekdays, vegetable and fruit names, food dishes and dry fruit names, vehicle, birds, and animal names, colors and shapes, job & occupation, name of computer parts, school stationery, seasons of the year, and direction names in English

Your child need just this single game to build strong English foundation and expand their English vocabs!!!

Interactive Games to learn English and Build your Child’s Vocabulary:-

→ Free ABC learning games:- Alphabet letter sound games for kids to learn the English alphabet
→ Games to learn English numbers:- Learn to count 1 to 20 numbers
→ Phonics game to learn days of the week in English
→ Learn Fruit Names in English with picture/
→ Get to know about vegetable names in English with pictures

Which more English words can your child learn with our English kids game?

– Various tasty and delicious food dishes names
– Different types of clothes with pictures and names
– Kinds of beautiful flowers names and pictures
– Vehicles names in English with images
– Different types of birds with pictures and names
– Animal names in English with pictures
– Shapes for preschoolers to learn different types of shapes and their names
– Learn colors in English
– Easy way to learn about flags of different countries with names
– Learn dry fruits names with pictures and sports name with pictures
– Different types of musical instruments and their names
– Different occupation name in English
– Teach your child about the names of computer components
– Learn human body parts name in English, school stationery names, six-season name and compass direction name

Wait!!! There’s more…….

Along with the English learning game, your child can enjoy colorful and fun learning games to learn colors, drawing, and shapes.

– Magic and colorful fireworks game for kids
– Easy color matching games for toddlers
– Amazing pixel drawing game for children
– Object finding game
– Size identifier ga,e to know about sizes
– And last but not least, shapes game for kids

Why you should download our English Kids: Learn English app for your children?

~ Child-friendly and interactive UI/UX for kids
~ Easy navigation inside the game
~ Better parental control, so your child only focuses on the game and learning
~ Fun and engaging sounds to make learning fun and interesting
~ Clear and correct pronunciation of every word, means your child can improve his English pronunciation easily
~ Fun learning games and English learning game at one place
~ Free phonics games for kindergarten
~ Fun ways to practice spelling words
~ Basic English learning game for children, means there is no requirement for prior knowledge of English
~ Not only kids, but also parents can improve their basics of English language

Our English learning game will prove very useful for your kids. It will help them to increase their English vocabulary and improve their English speaking skills and pronunciation. And also this game can assist them to develop motor skills, listening skills, social skills and memory

We designed this English kids game in such a way that parents can spend quality time with their children to deepen relationships and make them feel important and love

Download Kids Games to Learn English app today for your kids and make Engish learning easier

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