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Killer Dog

17 Mar 2017 Game Of The Day

Killer Dog

by ribaplus

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Have you ever wanted to play a game, in which the main hero is a brave and tough dog? If so, Killer Dog is a perfect game for man like you, especially if you like 16 bit games! It is an action platformer with nice pixel-art graphics.
Hector is an ordinary dog who has to go through extraordinary adventures! Help him overcome all difficulties and save his friends.
► Explore a number of diverse levels, finding secrets and collecting treasures! Some secrets are easy to find, while others will require some lateral thinking, or maybe even luck.
► Fight various enemies: from some simple thugs to savage creatures of Hell and cunning aliens! We hope they will not be able to stop the dog on his adventure.
► Avoid tricky traps!
► Find some delicious food across platforms, that will help you to recover lost health.
► Spend the points you have collected to buy some upgrades, which will greatly improve the skills of your dog.
► Even a good dog can not fight without friends! In some levels the other men will help you on your mission.
► At the end of each chapter a tough boss will await you. Defeating him will require skill and elaborate tactics.

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