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Kindergarten Kids Learning

20 Nov 2023 Game Of The Day

Kindergarten Kids Learning

by Greysprings

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  • Kindergarten Kids Learning
  • Kindergarten Kids Learning
  • Kindergarten Kids Learning
  • Kindergarten Kids Learning
  • Kindergarten Kids Learning
  • Kindergarten Kids Learning
  • Kindergarten Kids Learning
  • Kindergarten Kids Learning

"Educative Fun Games for toddlers & preschool children. Best educational app for kids to teach alphabet, numbers, shapes, rhymes, counting, tracing, coloring, interactive charts, & body parts (vegetable/fruit/sports/profession/stars/animals) using kids fun learning apps. The interactive learning is a great mode of education as toddlers enter kindergarten as kinesthetic learners (age 2-6 years).

  • Another parameter in child pedagogy is the "attention span of the child". After extensive feedback from various teachers and institutions that specialize in the same domain, we found that the children have a relatively shorter concentration span. Keeping this in mind our designers have come up with many innovative interactive activities and puzzles like arrow shooting, car making, playing basketball ,Dog hopping, dodging Elephant etc. These activities keep the child interested in learning subconsciously without loosing concentration. Activity based learning, using basketball games and free car games for kids, make this a perfect app for kids based on Fun learning pedagogy. If you are a parent of a 2 year old baby or a kindergartner and looking for school games for kids, you will find many cool activities and applications to keep them amused while learning basics from this all in one free educational games.
  • Whether you are a parent or teacher, you can use the activities for preschoolers and kindergarten kids at home or in class. Engage your toddlers in fun kid’s activities to keep them from doing mischief because they are bored. Let them learn basic early education topics such as shapes, math, ABC, rhymes, sports, vegetables, counting, and many more including many baby coloring games.



  • Attractive and colourful designs and pictures for young kids.
  • Learn alphabet letters with charts and interactive fun quizzes.
  • Learn to count and math for preschoolers.
  • Learn about rhymes and poems.
  • Learn to write and trace ABC and numbers with our alphabet tracing for English, Spanish, Hindi and numbers.
  • Color books with many colouring pages and pictures, and stickers.
  • Printable coloring pages for kids covering Geometric shapes, Greeting cards, English Alphabet Letters etc.
  • So many attractive and interactive charts for learning Vegetables, Fruits, Sports, Professions, Animals, Numbers, Solar System, Planet and stars.
  • Sing and dance with your preschoolers.
  • Introduce and reinforce the concepts of Shapes and Colors to the kids.
  • Phonics for English Alphabets and activities to teach and reinforce each Letter like Archery for Kids, Car building games, Basketball games for Kids etc.

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