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King Apes Family Jungle Simulator

King Apes Family Jungle Simulator

by Rubica Julie

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  • King Apes Family Jungle Simulator
  • King Apes Family Jungle Simulator
  • King Apes Family Jungle Simulator
  • King Apes Family Jungle Simulator

Simulation Games are trending now a days as they are the new generation games with 3D Environment and a lot of features that a normal game does not have. King Apes Family Jungle Simulator is one of the new generation 3D simulation game in which you will experience the adventurous life of an Angry King Ape and his family. You will need to feed, protect and defend your family in this King Apes Family Jungle Sim game.

Game Play:

As you play the game you will need to eat, drink and live your life as a M- King. You will be enjoying your life in the jungle alone. After some time you will feel the need of a mate with whom you can start a family and can start your own clan. You will need to find her, or maybe you also need to save her from the different wild animals and get her back to your cave. 

Once you reach your cave you will need to find a way to get it back from the cheetah as they have occupied it with his herd. You will be fighting the Cheetah and his family to get back what is yours. Once you get rid of that cheetah and his mates you will now start your own family in King Apes Family Jungle Simulator.

You will start a new family in that cave. You will need to feed your family by hunting animals in the jungle. You will also need to find water in the jungle. Feed your kids as they are small and can’t feed them self. Experience the family Simulation of a Mking in King Apes Family Jungle Simulator. 

Some wild Gorilla will feel Jealous of you will try to hurt you badly by killing someone from your family or by kidnapping your mate. You will need to fight for your clan and you will need to lead your clan to battle against the mighty M-King

Wild animals of the Jungle like Cheetah, Rhino and Hyenas are on the side of Mighty Ape and they will also try to hurt you. So in the next missions you will need to race for the life of your child as cheetah is running towards him. You need to reach him before cheetah can hurt him. Enjoy the Epic Battles Between the Golden Gorilla and Mighty MKing.

Key Features:

• Family Simulator with Realistic Scenarios
• Open world 3D Simulator
• Realistic Sound Effects along with Surround sounds
• Addictive Game Play
• Efficient Battery Management with no internet usage

This game is not just for the kids who love the Wild Life but also for the teenagers as this is the Family simulation of the Gorilla and can help you understand the life of a Gorilla and living in the family of gorilla. You will enjoy the most advance Simulator engine in King Apes Family Jungle Simulator. Enjoy this amazing game with your kids and let them know more about the Gorilla life living in the jungle. Let them know the ups and downs of the Gorilla family.

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