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Kitchen Crush : Cooking Games

04 Oct 2022 Game Of The Day

Kitchen Crush : Cooking Games

by magic game studio

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  • Kitchen Crush : Cooking Games
  • Kitchen Crush : Cooking Games
  • Kitchen Crush : Cooking Games
  • Kitchen Crush : Cooking Games
  • Kitchen Crush : Cooking Games
  • Kitchen Crush : Cooking Games
  • Kitchen Crush : Cooking Games
  • Kitchen Crush : Cooking Games

Kitchen Crush is a fast-paced, addictive, time management free online cooking games. The best way to show your cooking skills with food cooking game. Be ready to have the best cooking simulator experience.🧁

Kitchen Crush is a free cooking games and have lots of exciting food and features to experience. Lets explore the world of the best menu from around the world.🚢 

This food cooking game contains food trucks and cuisine from different corners of the world. You can find Indian restaurants, Chinese food restaurants, fast food restaurants, Mexican food trucks, American food recipes and much more. The best cooking games online for girls and adults to prepare, cook, and serve yummy food to your customers.🥮

Crazy food game features of the Kitchen Crush game🍱 

- Easy game play experience 
- Simple controls to play in this cooking games online
- Cool sound effects and music
- Cute customers to visit the food trucks
- Amazing food animations and customer expressions
- Upgrade 🍳food machine and recipes to improve their abilities 
- Spinwheel to get unique rewards
- Combos to get extra money
- Tips from customer when you make them happy
- Daily task for you to claim daily reward 

Boosters to get you victory in this kitchen game 💥

Double Coin : Double the coin you get from the customers
Burn Proof : Overcooked food don’t let you win, Use this booster and your food won’t burn even if you don’t serve them in time
Instacook : No need to cook the food, just tap raw material and its ready
Candy : Calm down the customer with the use of candy, you can store the candies in candy storage
Magic Dish : Serves one customer instantly.
Instaserve : Serves all customera instantly.
Second Chance : Help you pass the level by giving extra chance to achieve target 
Add Customer : Adds one extra customer to order the food
More Time : Increase the timer when you have to finish target in time

Unique recipe and fun fact of kitchen crush cooking games👩‍🍳

- Prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner in different food trucks.🍧

- Choose ingredients to prepare the delicious food for your customers

- Cook the food perfectly, don’t overcook the food. overcooked food will get burned.

- Choose from a variety of toppings and garnish food dishes.

- Prepare, cook, and serve the delicious recipe and become a top chef.🍝

- Travel to different cities around the world and learn new recipes.🕌

- Be quick and show your cooking craze to get the combos and coins. 

- Tips for you to get you done with smart ideas

- Use dustbin to throw away burned food

- Finish all levels and get achievements and keys to unlock the next restaurant.

- Start your day with a yummy breakfast of donuts and sweet and sour pineapple juices.

- Visit a Chinese restaurant to have ban mian soup, risotto, Lanzhou lamian soup, noodles, Kung Pao Chicken, Sweet & Sour Pork, Hot Pot  and spicy manchurian 

- Thinking of fast food near me? Then dive into Mexican flavour with tacos, sandwiches, cheese steak hotdogs, and French fries with great fast food recipes.

Avocado sushi, buffalo chicken wings, Sloppy Joe, avocado smoothie, deep dish cheesy pizza, and pizza muffin are super tasty foods available in American restaurants.

If you are a food cooking game freak, then this is the right game for you. Give good service to customers and find rewards. Don’t lose life, be quick to finish orders and make customers happy. Win prizes and keys. Work smarter and don’t hesitate to use boosters to make your way to victory.

📲Why are you wasting your cooking fever? Join in the best kitchen game and get best cooking simulation in this cooking games online. Spend happy hours with your amazing cooking skills to beat the challenges and become the best chef. Enjoy the best cooking simulation experience.

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