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Knight Scream

Knight Scream

by DayMoon600

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Using your Voice scream to make the Knight action go jump Talk or sing make walk

Control your character using only your voice

Knight Scream is a simple action and adventure game where you have to help a little armed knight to jump between different platforms. The uniqueness of the game lies in its control system. You see, the way you make your character jump, is by using your own voice. 

Once you start the game, all you have to do is give the order for your microphone to hear it and make your warrior jump. This way, you'll make sure he doesn't fall to his doom off of any cliffs. 

In Knight Scream you also have to be especially careful with the star-shaped knives that appear in each setting. If you fall on one of them, the game will be over and you won't be able to get any more points to beat your personal high score. 

Knight Scream also offers the possibility to adjust the sensitivity of your microphone. Thanks to this, you can make sure it efficiently picks up your voice. To sum it up, this is a simple but incredibly fun title that's sure to make for hours of entertainment.


Voice-control scream to make the Knight go jump and get around all the obstacles

Knight Scream is a very fun game where you have to guide the Knight using only your voice through a level full of dangers and obstacles. How far will you make it?

In Knight Scream your weapon is your voice – which is all you can use to lead your hero friend on adventures. If you talk to him, he walks, and if you shout, he runs. Obviously not everything is as easy as all that, though, as you'll face many perils along the way: cliffs, fire, killer bees... If you want to get any distance, you've got to calibrate your moves well and keep your shouts and emotions under control. 

This game is actually super addictive and entertaining, and also has certain features that make the experience even better according to the circumstances and needs of each player. You can adjust the volume sensor in case you want (or need) to shout louder or softer. Plus you can see the current volume level at all times so you can calibrate the intensity properly as you play. 

Knight Scream is an entertaining, fun, and addictive game with a very simple but still ground breaking premise. Plus the look of the game is awesome, adding another point in favor of any already great game. Try it and discover your new favorite!

★ ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ ★

✤ Talk or sing to make the Knight walk
✤ Scream to make the Knight Jump
✤ Don't make any noise to make the Knight stop

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