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Kuku Kube - Color Vision Test

Kuku Kube - Color Vision Test

by splashapps

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  • Kuku Kube - Color Vision Test
  • Kuku Kube - Color Vision Test
  • Kuku Kube - Color Vision Test
  • Kuku Kube - Color Vision Test
  • Kuku Kube - Color Vision Test
  • Kuku Kube - Color Vision Test
  • Kuku Kube - Color Vision Test

Main characteristics:

- Beautiful and colorful design

- Complete statistics

- 4 challenging and unique game modes

- Detailed explanation of how to play

- Cool music

- 2 languages supported

- Visual and sound effects


Kuku Kube – Color Vision Test is a fun game that will challenge your visual capacity. The rules are simple: find the tile with a slightly different color to the rest and tap it. After you have found it, a new set of tiles will appear on the screen and you’ll have to concentrate in order to spot the different one.

Things will be getting more and more difficult and it will be harder to notice the difference among the tiles. Unlike other apps, aiming to make our game even funnier we have added 4 exciting game modes for you to enjoy that will keep you playing.



You have 60 seconds to obtain as many points as you can. Try to improve your record before the time finishes! You’ll need to be fast and have good sight. The countdown has started…


You start with a 10 second countdown and every time you manage to tap the correct tile 2 seconds will be added to your time. But be careful! If you miss 2 seconds will be deducted so you’ll have to make sure you are right before making a wrong decision.


Play without pressure to reach as far as you are able to. Will you break the 100 point barrier? Will you overcome the score 500? Accept the challenge and start having fun with no limits.


If you want to push your sight to the limits this game mode is made for you. Difficulty increases considerably and only one single mistake will end the game. Train your sight with an extreme level of difficulty.


Kuku Kube – Color Vision Test challenges your visual skills in an original and fun to play way. Practicing will improve your scores and soon you’ll be able to be better than your friends, challenge them to beat your best scores! In addition, Kuku Kube – Color Vision Test is ideal for all the members of the family: the 4 different game modes assure you hours of fun.


You are still reading the description?

- If you aren’t sure whether if to install the game or not due to a question of space on your device: don’t worry, this game is super light!

- If you would like to know more about us you can visit our developer page https://goo.gl/x4WQCM

- If you want to read our privacy statement you can do it by clicking here: https://goo.gl/x4WQCM . We don’t have any problem with showing it because we don’t collect any personal information about you.

- If you still have questions that haven’t been answered or you feel like cntacting us for any other reason feel free to do it. Drop us an e-mail to information.splashapps@gmail.com or send your opinión through our website http://splash-apps.weebly.com/contact .

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