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21 Oct 2017 Game Of The Day


by Estúdio Par ou Ímpar

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Play , 2D , Logic
  • Legauss
  • Legauss
  • Legauss

Legauss is cool and helpful!
Because it increases your cognitive and speeds up your way of doing calculation. It is a game of mathematics that draws from basic arithmetic, the taste for adding and subtracting.
Legauss is inspired by the Number Theory of a mathematical genius, Gauss. The taste for numbers has awakened in him the elaboration of formulas which, if well studied and repeated, aid in the rapid and accurate calculation. Since he was little, he liked to play with numbers and solve problems. And so, as for us in the Even or Odd Studio, math is a LEGAL thing, we join the day to day teaching by the schools and we created the LEGAUSS, after all the basic arithmetic is present in our lives more than we can imagine.
Game rule Legauss:

It is played in one of the modes: medium, + easy or difficult.
1º Choose a color and a number from 12 to 36.
2nd Calculate with 3 or 4 cards. Just touch the cards to change them or touch the (+ -) sign.
Legauss is that you can zero one of your cards.
If you want, tap the Abacus to see its sum.
3º When your calculation is correct, touch the close button.
The calculations should result in the number chosen and the player will have up to 60 seconds to win the Legauss.

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