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Leni's Adventure - The Journey begins

18 Apr 2018 Game Of The Day

Leni's Adventure - The Journey begins

by dapion

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2D , Jump , Hero
  • Leni's Adventure - The Journey begins
  • Leni's Adventure - The Journey begins
  • Leni's Adventure - The Journey begins
  • Leni's Adventure - The Journey begins

Leni´s Adventure - The Journey begins.

Finally all tests are done, all bugs are gone and all gamers in this world will have a lot of fun. Proudly we can present you these massive white pearl of gaming Art for your Device. 
We spent hours and hours and a lot of Blood, Sweat and Tears in this amazing App called "Leni's Adventure". 

A dark guy named 99Bugs is steeling all the diamonds out of Lenis home and she needs to get 'em back. So she is jumping and shooting herself through the Levels and needs to collect the diamonds out of the treasure chests, which is not thas easy as you think. Good Luck, my friend!

That's what the testers say:

- Jump and run like in the old times...
- Amazing Game with 20+ Levels, well balanced and a package full of fun...
- I can't lay it down, till everything is collected and done
- Surprisingly fresh game with a good gameplay
- Very nice for a little break

I hope we have done our Homework well, otherwise please let us know whats going wrong, so we can fix it!
Come on, join the Lenis Adventure Group. What can you lose? ;)

PLEASE NOTE: Leni's Adventure is completely free to play, but there may be some in-game items that you can purchase. This Game is playable without Internet and WLan.

dapion team

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