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Life Of WASP

Life Of WASP

by Trillion Games

  • Life Of WASP
  • Life Of WASP
  • Life Of WASP
  • Life Of WASP

Experience the adventure of Wasp living in Life of Wasp simulator, play the role of hard worker bee, take care of your wasp queen, help your workers, provide food, water, and construct new wasp colonies. 

Life of Wasp is a kids game as well as for the all age games lovers who loves the insects games. Take the controls of wasp, fly in the air and watch the world from bird eye view, explore the huge jungle environment. Suck juice from the flowers to maintain your energy level. Drink water to maintain your stamina limit. 

Fly in the air and search worker for your wasp nest to build and establish insect colony. After constructing the wasp nest find out bee’s queen for your nest. Use mini map and arrow direction that will help you to find the object. Complete your task with time to get good points so that you can easily unlock the other wasp insect in Life of Wasp game.

Game Play:

Enjoy the most interesting Life of Wasp simulator that contains the adventure insect’s life missions for you. Choose your favorite wasp insect to play this insect game. Find the workers and wasp queen for your wasp nest. Build the amazing wasp colony in beautiful jungle. Help the neighbor wasp worker, whose nest fall down from the tree. 

Amazing two modes to play the bee game, Story mode that is based on complete story and free mode to explore the huge jungle. Suck juice from the flowers for your wasp nest queen. Drink water from the rivers and provide to the workers who are busy in building the bee nests. Help the injured wasp worker, who fall from the nest, provide water, and take it to the wasp nest with you. 

Life of Wasp Features:

• Choose your favorite wasp to play the game
• Story mode and free mode
• Find wasp workers and wasp queen for your nest
• Drink to keep your stamina
• Suck flowers to maintain your health
• Huge jungle environment to explore

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