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Live Miss world Beauty Pageant Contest Models

25 Sep 2022 Game Of The Day

Live Miss world Beauty Pageant Contest Models

by GameiCreate

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  • Live Miss world Beauty Pageant Contest Models
  • Live Miss world Beauty Pageant Contest Models
  • Live Miss world Beauty Pageant Contest Models
  • Live Miss world Beauty Pageant Contest Models
  • Live Miss world Beauty Pageant Contest Models
  • Live Miss world Beauty Pageant Contest Models

Live Miss World Beauty Pageant game is about the journey to be the winner of this beauty contest. Girls, to win this kind of beauty contest is not an easy task, it requires lots of hard work. In this beauty Pageant, you will learn all the things to be a winner like how to maintain your physique by doing workout exercise, how to stay connected with people for fan following, how to dress up properly, how to do a beautiful make up, how to show your culture and tradition with a dress up, how to do catwalk, talent-sports, how to do different spa, and many more things. Play this amazing, wonderful girls game to feel the winning moments with different country's contestant.

Choose Contestant's Country:
In this miss world game for girls, you can play the contestant's role from different countries. The main benefit of this game is that you can play it over and over representing various countries with a different contestant.

To be the Miss World Beauty requires lots of hard work. Contestants have to be fit and maintain their self. Take beautiful gym photos to post on the Live Miss World Beauty Page and get connected to all the fans in all over the world.

Stage Cleaning:
You need to clean up the whole stage and decorate the stage with different lights in this cleaning game. 

Judge Table Decoration:
You need to decorate the Judge Table. In this decoration game, make sure judges will like contestant's work of decoration.

Spa Treatment:
To make contestant's look beautiful, contestants need to do some spa treatment. There is a certain spa which will make the contestant's body look too good in this spa game. 

MakeUp for Girl:
MakeUp is important for an attractive look in this miss world makeover game. You can use different tools and make-up instruments to have a perfect look according to the round and also according to the costume. So do a proper make-up in this miss world makeup game.

Contestant's Introduction:
All the contestants need to introduce themselves to show the people who they are, from where they are coming. Every contestant represents one country from where she belongs. Contestants' identity in society is also very important for fan following.

Swimsuit Round:
Contestants need to do a catwalk in the swimsuit also. Judges will test contestant's confidence level in the swimsuit. Before catwalk contestant need to be ready in the swimsuit, so do a proper dress up in this swimsuit dress up game. 

Talent Round:
There are different talent-sports like skeet shooting, running, and table tennis. In skeet shooting game, you need to shoot some skits in given time. In table tennis game, you need to play with an opponent and score more to win. In the running game, you need to collect coins while running. So Give your best to win this girls sports game.

Dance Performance:
For the fabulous dance performance, you need to dress-up first in this dancing girls game. The dance is prepared by the contestants. Don't forget, judges will be there for the selection.

National Costume Round:
The contestants should show their culture and tradition in this round. So bring your county's tradition on the stage and do a fantastic catwalk in this miss world dress up game.

Question & Answer Round:
In this question & answer round, Judges will test the personality of the contestants. In this round, you just need to answer the question related to your personality, that's it.

Winner Announcement:
Winners name will be announced by the judges. There will be the announcement of top 3 positions. Winner, 1st Runner-Up and 2nd Runner Up. In this miss world competition game, enjoy the winning moments and a crowning moment with amazing animation.

In this miss world photo shoot, all the 3 finalists have a photoshoot in front of the media. These girls have proved their beauty and potential to the whole world.

Play Live Miss World Beauty Pageant game and learn how to be a winner of any beauty contests.

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