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Loaded Shooter

27 Dec 2018 Game Of The Day

Loaded Shooter

by Best app makerz

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  • Loaded Shooter

Get ready for a Sci fi game filled with action. In this game, you’ll have to have quick reflexes, intense strategizing skills, and the will to keep moving forward.

There are ten levels in this game. In this Loaded Shooter game, you will discover your potential to battle the cyborgs, punks with hover bikes, soldeirs with rifles, shooting down helicopters an much more.

Stay alert and never let your guard down. Be part of this action sci fi and come out of it victorious.

From the first level, you may think it’s easy, but as you go on your skill and courage will be tested.

Do you have what it takes to complete all ten levels?
Are you ready to play this grand, action-filled sci fi game?

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